Adjusters are used to maintain correct water balance in swimming pools. Balanced pool water uses less chlorine, requires less maintenance and helps extend the life of all pool equipment. Water is safer, softer and more enjoyable to swim in.

Balancing Your Pool

Pool chemical levels are crucial to the health of swimmers, the health of the pool, help extend the life of pool equipment, save costs and make the swimming and spa experience enjoyable.

Pool water quality is affected by pH levels, which is affected by alkalinity. pH levels that are too high can cause cloudy water or create scaly deposits. Low pH etches and corrodes pool equipment and surfaces. Test and adjust in order. First alkalinity, then pH, then calcium, then chlorine.

Maintain sufficient stabiliser levels in your pool water to protect chlorine from harmful UV light in the peak of summer. Maintain enough salt in your pool for your chlorinator to convert to chlorine.

Balanced Alkalinity levels help reduce rapid pH changes and control pH overall. Water quality is dramatically affected by the level of pH.

Add one chemical at a time and run the pump after adding chemicals to help distribute.

Hero Product

Raises alkalinity and helps to maintain a steadier pH. Stabilises pH fluctuations and protects pool surfaces and equipment from corrosion and improves overall chlorine efficiency.