Chlorine is a highly efficient sanitiser as it has a residual effect which protects against additional contaminants as they are introduced to the pool through swimming and weather.

Sanitise Your Pool

The perfect swimming pool – clean, clear, safe and sparkling water with happy swimmers requires the proper steps to chlorinate and sanitise the water. Your continuous chlorine level should fall between 1-3 parts per million for proper sanitation and to prevent bacteria and algae.

Granular chlorines – Multifunctional granular chlorines perform several tasks at once by chlorinating, shock treating and killing algae with a single, daily application. They’re either unstabilised or stabilised for longer life.

Pool Tablets – Convenient way to help maintain chlorine levels in pool water. Placed in a floating dispenser, pool tablets slowly dissolve to keep chlorine and stabiliser levels up. Multi Tablets contain copper as a powerful algaecide.

Liquid Chlorine – Instant pour-in protection. Liquid chlorine is a fast acting chlorine that kills bacteria on contact and is an extremely effective way to sanitise swimming pool water and help control algae. It won’t affect stabiliser levels.

Shock Treating or super chlorination – Should be done weekly to get rid of contaminants that cause cloudy water, chlorine smell and eye irritation. Super Shock kills bacteria, breaks down cosmetics, suntan lotions, perspiration and other wastes that can’t be filtered out and it helps to keep your pool sparkling clear.

Hero Product

Combines a chlorine sanitiser, stabiliser, and pH controller to produce a highly effective daily maintenance chlorine.