HY-CLOR GLIDE – 2 Wheel Suction Cleaner

Turbo-Powered Performance , With its turbine-based system and intelligent gear mechanism, the Glide effortlessly maneuvers through tight spots, ensuring a thorough clean. Thanks to its built-in swivel, the Glide helps prevents hose tangling, making your pool cleaning experience hassle-free. The Glide effectively handles small to medium-sized debris, keeping your pool clean and inviting. With 12 meters of sectioned hose gives you the flexibility to clean every nook and cranny of your pool.

Please note, depending on your pool type you may need to move the weights between 30cm to 1.5m away from the cleaner to assist with its climbing ability.

  • High-Performance turbine based suction cleaner
  • All pool shapes and best suited for pools up to 9x5m
  • Able to turn out of tight spots helping prevent the cleaner from getting stuck
  • Suits all surfaces except for Fiberglass/Vinyl Pools
  • Easy Lock-Clip secures protective casing
  • Anti swift swivel ensures full pool coverage by keeping hoses twist and kink free
  • Smart skirt ensures thorough cleaning of your pool
  • Optimised wheel rubber grip and bumpers
  • Compatible will all sanister types , including salt and mineral pools.
  • Works using the pool pump and your vacuum plate
  • 1 Year Warranty
Click Me for the Hy-Clor Glide Cleaner Manual
    The Glide pool cleaner comes with the following:
    • 1x Glide Pool Cleaner Head
    • 1x Leader hose (400mm)
    • 14 x 800mm Male to Female hose (apc cuff)
    • 1 x 800mm Female to Female hose (apc cuff)
    • 1 x Instruction manual
    • 1 x Skimmer fitting pack (2x Elbows, Flow Regulator, 2x Hose floats, 1x  flow regulator adaptor/Hose cone and 1 flow gauge)