The Hy-Clor i1 Cordless Robot Pool Cleaner is designed to be lightweight and exceptionally user-friendly, specialising in floor-only cleaning, ensuring thorough coverage of the pool bottom to remove debris with precision. It comes with a 180 micron filter tray plus a fine filter pad for enhanced filtering of sand and dust. It’s suitable for all pool types and shapes, with a recommendation for pools up to 70,000 liters.

The i1 offers four cleaning cycle options, allowing users to customise the cleaning process based on their pool’s needs. The cleaner’s 4 cleaning cycle options provide flexibility and efficiency. Its 7-day timer function, enables automated cleaning scheduling for up to a week.

Below is the indication of the LED lights:

  • 22.2v Li-Ion battery with 2 hour run time
  • Quick charge (2.5 hour)
  • Wheels can be adjusted for different pool shapes
  • Exceptionally light weight (3.5kg) and easy to lift in and out of the pool
  • Dual layer filtration (180 microns + Ultra fine sponge insert)
  • Built - in, intelligent self-parking system
  • One button, easy to operate design
  • Australian retrieval hook included
  • Recommended pool size up to: 70,000L
Hy-Clor i1 Cordless Robot Cleaner - Manual     Hy-Clor i1 Quick Start Guide (1)     Below is the indication of the LED lights: