Hy-Clor’s i6 is a high quality, high performance, feature packed, cordless robot pool cleaner that will scrub your floors, walls and waterline.

It has an exceptionally long run time of three hours, allowing you to set up to 4 programs to clean your pool over 7 days before needing to recharge. Intelligent pool navigating means that it systematically covers every inch of your pool and the advanced track system allows it to climb steps and other obstacles, it ensures a thorough clean with minimal overlap and maximum effectiveness.

The i6 comes with a mobile app that allows you to set your pool conditions and select up to 6 different cleaning modes. It is ideal for all types of in-ground pools, the i6 is recommended for pools up to 130,000L.

  • Includes integrated app with 6 cleaning modes and multi-day scheduling
  • LED status indicator
  • Intelligent navigating ensures thorough and systematic clean
  • 3 x motors & 1 x scrubbing rollers for a deep clean
  • Australian retrieval hook included
  • One touch start
  • 180um basket
  • Recommended pool size up to: 130,000L
Hy-Clor i6 Cordless Robot Cleaner - Manual                    

Below is the indication of the LED lights: