HY-CLOR S5 – Corded Robot Cleaner

The HY-CLOR s5 pool robot efficiently cleans pools up to 11m in a two-hour cycle, featuring a unique reverse wall-climbing function for thorough cleaning and obstacle navigation with automatic rear roller lift.

The transformer-connected floating box includes anti-twist connections and LEDs for updates. Cleaners Focus Flow technology ensures optimal suction, and the accessible filter basket allows easy cleaning. Its cleaning capacity depends on cable length, suitable for larger pools with relocation. For best results, position the cable midway down the pool’s longest side.

The HY-CLOR s5 offers an optional fine filter insert for easy, low-maintenance cleaning. Please note: the cleaner will not climb pool walls if they are concave or convex, if the water pH balance is incorrect, the walls are slick with algae or if water is 12°C or colder.

  • Compatible with all pool shapes up to 10m x 5m (16m total cord length)
  • Focus Flow Suctions - Uses side and bottom suction to create a strong suction corridor
  • Capable of collecting sizable items like leaves and even finer materials such as sand (with a 180 micron basket and a fine filter pad that reaches around 50 microns).
  • Soft brushes clean and scrub the floor, wall and waterline
  • Top access to the filter basket, hose down cleaning, light weight and the anti-twist cord swivel makes this robot very easy to use
  • Large handle to make removing from the pool easy