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Spa Granular Bromine destroys wastes such as body oils, cosmetics and perspiration, and controls algae and bacteria, leaving spa water clean and sanitised. Returns shine and sparkle to your water.
Dissolves completely without creating cloudiness or residue.

  • Features and Benefits

    • Can be added directly to spa water
    • Easily dissolves and maintains sanitiser and oxidiser levels
    • Chlorine free
    • Kills and controls bacteria and algae
    • Stabiliser free
    • Destroys wastes such as body oils
  • Used on types of pools

    • All spa surfaces
    • All spa types
    • Suitable for ionised pools and spas
  • Usage Frequency

    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • As required
  • Application

    • Ongoing maintenance of residual sanitiser levels
    • To oxidise body oils and wastes
    • Boost sanitiser levels
    • Improve look and smell of spa water
    • Improve clarity and appearance of spa water
  • Safety Data Sheet

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