After heavy rain, your pool needs some TLC to get it back to its sparkling best and prevent it from going green. Below are the ‘go to’ products most pools require. We always encourage a water test to fully gauge your pool requirements, however 90% of the time the three products below are necessary.


All the rain has diluted your pool chemicals and one of the most important ingredients to kill bacteria and germs is a sanitiser. Let’s imagine a glass of cordial is the chlorine in your pool and the concentrated cordial is the ideal chlorine level (active chlorine). Before the rain you had full concentrated cordial, however with all the water that has been added in because of the rain, the strength of the cordial is now a quarter if not less then what it was originally. The same theory can apply to your pool and like cordial you add a little more of the concentrate to get it to the desired level. The most common method to sanitise your pool is liquid chlorine. It is fact acting, instantly raises free chlorine levels and eliminates and controls the bacteria washed in by the rain.

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Rain washes in particles that are too small and light to sink to the bottom of the pool. HY-CLOR Super-Floc clumps together these tiny particles so they sink to the bottom of the pools’ surface and can be vacuumed to waste. HY-CLOR Super-Floc is fast acting and will clear the cloudy water.

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Phosphate Remover

The rain also washes in organic materials such as soil from your garden, grass clippings, leaves and many other sources. These organic materials produce phosphates that feed algae growth in your pool. To prevent algae growth, we recommend ongoing use of HY-CLOR Phosphate Remover. It will remove the phosphates from the pool and as a result starve algae of it’s main food source, consequently reducing the overall chlorine demand in your pool.

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Make sure you visit your local Bunnings to get a free water test using the kiosk or download the HY-CLOR app and test your pool water at home. The results of the test will tell you exactly what is required to balance your pool.