Pool Clarifier FAQs

Have questions about pool clarifiers? Get the Hy•Quality advice you need below.

What are pool clarifiers?2023-01-16T14:09:02+11:00

Pool clarifiers bind fine particles together so they can be captured in the pool filter, restoring the pool water to its sparkling best.

When should I put the clarifier in my pool?2023-01-16T14:08:56+11:00

During the swimming season, you should add a weekly dose of Hyclor’s pool clarifier to your pool and monthly during the winter season.

How long does it take for pool clarifiers to work?2023-01-16T14:09:35+11:00

For a clarifier to take full effect, it can take up to 2-3 days and you need to ensure your pool is balanced and the filtration is running at least 8 hours per day. Any pre-existing problems such as algae need to be addressed before adding the clarifier to the pool.

Will a clarifier clear a cloudy pool?2023-01-16T14:09:41+11:00

The clarifier works to clear mild cloudy pool water. In circumstances where you cannot see the bottom of the pool floor, you may need to use a flocculant.

Does a clarifier lower pH?2023-01-16T14:09:48+11:00

No, a clarifier does not lower pH. Some clarifiers actually increase the pH levels, which need to be kept within the desired range of 7.2 – 7.6.

Questions About Pool Clarifiers?

Hy-Clor pool clarifiers provide an excellent, fast-acting and healthy approach to pool management, helping you easily remove contaminants and get back to swimming without worry. Feel free to speak to one of our experts to find the clarifier that works best for your pool.


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