Smart Steps

Hy-Clor’s Smart Steps give a clear guide on how to keep your pool clean and sparkling. These steps break down the maintenance process into simple stages, giving owners thorough care guidance from assessment to final touches.

Our Smart Steps offer great insights and practical tips for DIY pool care. Simplify complex tasks into manageable routines, making pool or spa maintenance easy!

Follow our five simple steps for a clean and sparkling pool!


Test water weekly. Testing lets you know exactly what steps you need to take next. Testing is quick & easy.


Balancers are used to maintain correct water balance in swimming pools. A balanced pool uses / requires less maintenance.


Killing bacteria and harmful matter that finds its way into the water. Protects against contaminants.


Algae can turn clear water green making it slippery. Algaecides are an effective way of preventing Algae formation.


Clarifiers help your pool filter pick up those tiny little particles that make your water cloudy..